Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Inc

AACHP Code of Conduct

Download the AACHP CODE OF CONDUCT.pdf

All AACHP members are expected to abide by this Code of Conduct which sets out what you can expect from your AACHP practitioner.

If you are concerned about the health service that was provided to you or your next of kin, talk to the practitioner immediately. In most cases the practitioner will try to resolve the issue. If you are not satisfied with the practitioner's response, contact the AACHP at aachp.inc@gmail.com


AACHP is a Member Association of the National Peak Body for Clinical Hypnotherapy in Australia 

Upcoming Events

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AACHP CPE Seminars

As a not-for-profit members' association, we are pleased to offer our CPE Seminars for a nominal fee of only $5 for AACHP members and for non-members who are current students* of Clinical Hypnotherapy and/or Psychotherapy.

*Evidence of current enrolment is required, otherwise the non-member fee of $25 will be applicable for each CPE Seminar.


DISCLAIMER: All AACHP members are required to adhere to strict membership criteria including ongoing training but are solely responsible for the therapy conducted in their own private practices. AACHP is not in any way responsible for the methodologies employed or for the outcome of any therapy.

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